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It's been a while since I've posted to my blog, but I finally feel like I have updates to write about - both from my personal life and from my developing photography career. Let's start with two of the biggest updates in the past six months. I now reside in Chicago after moving halfway across the country from Arlington, VA, and very recently I had the opportunity to showcase my photography through a company known as RAW Artists.

But before we get to all of that, you're probably wondering how Chicago has been, especially now that we've reached winter, with temperatures as plunging and winds as arctic as they say. 

And I'd tell you that I love it! 

I truly have found myself out here in this city. I've lived here for about seven months now and it just feels like home to me. I love having the ability to share Chicago with friends and family that have already visited, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I've already been given in the city. There's an incredible artistic vibe in Chicago and I really feel like I will grow as an artist learning from those that I am surrounded by every day. Between the breathtaking skyscapers that I walk beneath everyday on my way to work to the graffiti and urban artwork in the surrounding neighborhoods, there is inspiration everywhere. I feel myself constantly taking out my phone to capture a moment or an angle that I want to remember. 

Along the same lines, I was recently selected by RAW Artists to showcase my photographic work at an awesome music venue in Wrigleyville known as The Metro. If you encountered me in the past month or two leading up to the show or asked my girlfriend Caroline how it's been since the new year, I have a feeling that she would tell you it's been nonstop madness around our apartment and in our lives. Having been my first official show, you could say I was a little frantic trying to finalize all of the minute details and figure out how to best showcase my work from the past six years. I think that may have been the most difficult part for me, trying to narrow down the thousands of pictures I've taken into a batch of about 30 to share with the world. (That collection can be found here).

Needless to say, I haven't slept much over the past month, but in the end all of the hard work that I put in and sleepless hours paid off in an unbelievable way - an indescribable way. This experience taught me a whole new skill set that I had to learn on the fly. It was much more than just being an artist and expressing myself through my work. That seems like the easy part now, and I feel like I have grown through this showcase, and learned from the surrounding artists that I was fortunate enough to meet. To name a few, the following artists are all phenomenal people and worth checking out: Lenny Gilmore, Ezell Hudson, Katherine Corden, and Latoya Flowers!

Since moving, I feel like my inspiration has been reignited and I am ready to capture this wonderful city. While most of my work started out with a nature and landscape focus, I have been delving more into an architectural realm recently. It really started when I lived in Boston and even more so when I studied in Rome. Both of these experiences gave me the opportunity to explore new photography techniques and capture the fast-paced city life style. Since the show ended in late January and I regained some of my free time, I have taken this opportunity to explore downtown Chicago in what I am calling the Chicago Series. My goal is to capture the neighborhoods of Chicago over the next year or so and bring to light some of the amazing features of each neighborhood. I also want to use my photography as a medium to express the stark differences in each neighborhood. It is not until you've walked the entire city on foot crossing the borders between each neighborhood, that you get a feel for the unique culture in every block. It is expressed through the architecture, the shops, people, streets, artwork, graffiti, and parks - and it is remarkable. 

My goal is to showcase each of these features in my next collection. As you'll see below, I have already started. Enjoy and be on the lookout for future posts! ALSO, ps. I'll be showcasing my photography in Philly on April 12th @ 7:00pm at the Trocadero Theater! More on that later, but feel free to check out the show details here and purchase tickets here. I hope to see you all there!

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