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August 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

After my most recent outing, it's hard to say I've ever been more pressed for time as I tried to capture these sunset shots. What started out as an adventure to Walden Pond quickly turned into a race against the clock as I stumbled upon one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen. I have passed this particular place on several occasions because it is along my bike route, but it wasn't until the other night that I actually ventured into this garden with my tripod and camera. 

One click of the shutter and I was immediately captivated, a flood of memories rushed into my head as I ran around trying to find different angles that illuminated each bed of flowers. Walking up and down the rows reminded me of my grandparents house growing up and the garden that filled the backyard. So many memories of this garden and their house. Between the Thanksgiving trips that brought family members in from all around and the Easter egg hunts through the garden to the summer nights spent counting satellites with my siblings and cousins, it's hard not to miss their old house sometimes. I think it's safe to say from the time I was running around that yard with my infamous green hat until now, this may be my favorite place in the world, a place that will stay with me forever. Running around, clock ticking, sun setting, I quickly realized that I had to run back to my car and drive to Walden Pond. I could not miss this shot because it was the sole reason I had originally ventured up towards Concord for that night. Driving just up the road, I made it in time spotting the pond and the light cast across the water. 

Now, the only issue I faced - and a pretty common issue I have on these little adventures - was where to park... All of the parking lots were closed after dusk and there is no street parking allowed whatsoever. I started panicking and realized I was going to miss this shot because of the whole car issue. I originally pulled into a parking lot just across the road and realized it was the Park Ranger's lot and I was certainly not parking illegally in there. I decided it would probably be better to pull over on the shoulder a little ways down and run down to the pond, grab the shots and leave. 

So that's exactly what I did.

I don't think I've ever been more out of breath trying to set up my tripod, figure out my composition, focus the camera and wait a couple seconds for the camera to snap each shot. But as I stood there waiting for my camera to process the information, I couldn't help but take in this moment, this sunset that I was watching. The way the light hit the water, that perfectly still water that reflected the silhouetted trees and the pinks and blues in the sky. There was a certain peacefulness in this moment and a slight hint of perfection.

Pure bliss was what I described this experience as in my title and I truly believe that I will remember this night for a very long time. It is these experiences and these moments that make photography worth it in my mind. All of the little stresses and running around culminate into one shot that makes this peaceful moment last forever. 

Photo credit to my mom and grandpa for these two pictures of me and the 'infamous green hat'




Christine Koffke(non-registered)
As always I have to comment... First, beautiful pictures! And second, these two words come to mind when I read your very first sentence "Cadillac Mountain." Need I say more!
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