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Home Sweet Home

July 17, 2013  •  3 Comments

A tad late on this post, but I couldn't resist sharing these scrumptious and festive cupcakes. After my most recent trip home, I was reminded just how much I miss my hometown of North Wales. If my mom reads this, she may get a kick out of that statement because growing up, my friends and I claimed year after year that there was "never anything to do in the summer" and "being at home was so boring." And I know for a fact that this continues on with my younger sisters still stuck in that state of boredom. 

Perhaps, compared to my Boston experience thus far, North Wales is not the most thrilling town; however, I love visiting home in the past couple of years, pretty much since I left for college. Home-cooked meals (my siblings always claim I get the best food when I come home), sleeping in, and no responsibilities - it's pretty much a vacation every time I visit. 

This most recent trip was an extended four day visit for the Fourth of July, one of my favorite holidays since I was little. I had debated staying in Boston for the Fourth, seeing as this was the birthplace of our country and probably the ideal spot for a phenomenal fireworks show, but we have this tradition at home of shooting off our own fireworks every year. Even if our show consists of the classic Pennsylvania fireworks that never leave the ground, we have always enjoyed racing the little tanks that never seem to move from their original spot and watching my brother run around our cul-de-sac for way too long with an oversized flare to start our show. Not to mention the interspersed patriotic singing by one of my neighbors as well. It has always been a chance for my family and friends to gather for a full day jammed packed of yard games, pool volleyball, and the most delicious food around. Way too much food for that matter.

This visit was also unique because one of my roommates and best friends from Penn State came to visit me for the first time. Lucky him, he got to visit the real city in Pennsylvania and get away from steel country. It was an action-packed weekend with lots of lazy pool time, Tour de France watching, extreme puzzling (my family loves their puzzles), and a little beer drinking. I was also able to finally introduce my friend from school to my crazy high school friends who I miss way too much. It's hard for me to believe that we graduated three years ago at this point, and since then, everyone has sort of gone their separate paths embarking on new adventures and growing up... not too fast by any means however. So, when we finally all get together again, it's pretty much an endless night of college stories, study abroad experiences, and reminiscing on our high school days. 

Needless to say, I truly believe this was one of my favorite weekends this summer. Despite being away and experiencing a whole new city and new people, it is those that I grew up with and the family that I love that will always remind me of home.

In that respect, home sweet home could not mean more to me than right now. 




Marci Wilkinson(non-registered)
I know that your mom must have made those cupcakes. She's the best cook.
Christine Koffke(non-registered)
I love this! We miss you too...
Hana Kim(non-registered)
I always knew you were "Artsy Fartsy"... It's so great seeing this creative and expressive side of you. Hope you're well.
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