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Autumn's Last Glimpse

November 25, 2012  •  1 Comment

One last trip with the family before heading back to school. One last glimpse at this fall weather before the leaves disappear, and the crisp air seems to bite the skin every time we step foot outside.

It occurred to me that I had missed a significant portion of photography opportunities this fall as my dad and I biked through Bucks County last weekend. Through the backcountry roads, past the farms I typically capture, we traveled a new route my dad had found while I was away at school. Pedaling, trying to keep up with my him, the golden brown and blood red leaves continued to steal my attention. The new route intrigued me, the vibrant colors, the old barns hidden among the wooded area, and the barren fields of farm land. As I rode, I could see images, mental shots of this autumn world, and I was convinced to grab my camera at the next opportunity presented.

Fortunately, that opportunity came faster than expected.

As far back as I can recall, it has been sort of a family tradition around the holidays to take a trip to Peddlers' Village. It is a small town of shops selling anything from kitchenware to handcrafted pottery to a hot brewed cup of coffee (medium cappuccino on this particular occasion). Most importantly, however, and the real reason we take this trip every year is to see the well-known Christmas lights that adorn the shops and surrounding landscape. I have vivid memories of walking the cobblestone paths with my parents and brother year-to-year, sipping on apple cider and Christmas shopping. As we perused Peddlers' Village this time around, camera in hand, bundled up to fight the brisk weather, I had the privilege of capturing some interesting shots inside and outside the many stores we visited. In between shops, I took a moment to sit and watch people hustle from store to store, observing the ornaments hanging from Christmas trees, and smelling the hot apple cider in the air. After circling the town and ending with one of my favorite coffee shops, our day came to an end, and it felt as if fall was ending too, ushered out by the holiday season and the energy that comes with it. Despite this realization, this last glimpse of autumn was all I needed. The opportunity to be a little artsy, grab a cup of coffee, and shoot one of the most memorable spots of my childhood was the best way to end my favorite season.






Like your photos and your writing. See you at Christmas.
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