Hundred Degree Haze

July 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

An apartment with no air conditioning. Check. A week long heat wave that strikes the East Coast. Check. A constant 91 degrees in that AC-less apartment. Check. That apartment is mine. Unfortunately

This might sound like the perfect combination if you wanted to lose 10 pounds overnight or possibly if you wanted to take nonstop cold showers over the course of a week. However, I was not a huge fan of this weather, and unfortunately was stuck inside my apartment boiling day and night. I attempted to make a circle of fans around me, which seemed to work until I made one move outside that circle and the heat slapped all of the energy out of my body instantly. 

This was by far the hottest experience I have ever had, and thankfully as I write this post, it is pouring outside my apartment and has finally cooled down here in Boston. Before this weather escaped the Northeast, however, I felt it was necessary to get out of my apartment at one point and take my camera into Cambridge. This area has easily become my favorite spot up here in Boston because it is so artsy and busy all the time. Plus I may or may not feel a tad smarter every time I stroll through Harvard's campus admiring the Hogwartsesque architecture. 

My original plan for this 100 degree day was to take my camera and tripod onto the Longfellow Bridge between Cambridge and Boston to capture a panorama of the city at dusk. This plan was quickly foiled when I could not find a parking spot close enough to the bridge... close enough for me that day was pretty much on the bridge. I quickly realized I had no desire to carry my tripod all the way through Cambridge in that weather, so when I finally found a parking spot, I decided to just explore and capture the architecture in this area instead (no tripod required haha, just my camera).

Buildings in general have always fascinated me. Seems pretty obvious if you know me because I study an architecture-based major at school, and adding the photography interest in the mix doesn't hurt either. I love the cutting lines and different angles that allow you to capture a single building in a range of shots that may accentuate different aspects of that building and give you a totally different perspective with each photograph. 

This became extremely evident to me when I started taking pictures the other day because I would focus on a building at an angle and then continue walking down the street and see a completely different shot facing the building head on.

Maybe I focus on the texture of the building in one shot and perhaps the cutting edges in the next. Architectural photography is so unique in my mind because architecture itself differs in so many ways. The Hogwartsesque architecture that I mentioned before is how I see Cambridge because of all the old, historical, brick buildings. I have passed this one building on my bike route countless times and it took me forever to realize that it has a strong resemblance to a face. Where else are you going to find such a unique building?

cambridge lampoon

Not only did the architecture inspire me that day, but the excessive heat also brought along this hazy atmosphere as the sun started setting around 7 o'clock. In some of my images I tried to use this hazy effect to my advantage and capture the 'heat' as well. Needless to say, despite the 100 degree weather, it turned out to be a very interesting experience with my camera and one that may not come very soon again. Hopefully, in this coming week I can capture the Boston cityscape as I had originally planned because my time here is running out. I'm not sure where the summer has gone, but I have way too much of Boston to explore before I leave.

We'll see how much ground I can cover in the next two weeks!





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