Summah Fun

June 21, 2013  •  2 Comments

It's about that time again, seeing as today is the first day of 'summah' as they say here in Boston. If I was living at home this summer, I would be baking and cooking as a daily routine with my sisters. I love experimenting with new recipes and of course taking pictures of the end result. Last year, I was lucky enough to have one of my peanut butter cupcake pictures published in a Photoshop Elements magazine. Unfortunately, I don't have an adequate kitchen up here in Boston, so there will most likely not be any baking while I'm away from home. This may be a good thing for me - as far as baking goes - since I won't feel pressured to eat all of the baked goods by myself. 

Luckily, during the summer months, I also have time to try new craft ideas and break out my creative side. I started making my wooden pieces about this time last year, transferring my own images and staining the wood in all different variations. Last weekend, in a continued effort to explore Boston, I was able to visit an outdoor art market called SoWa in the South End. This was by far one of my favorite places to visit because the South End is full of art galleries and coffee shops - anyone that knows me well enough understands that coffee dominates my life. As the day went on, I was able to visit most of the booths featuring photography and other various trades, but the one that truly inspired me was a woman selling antique furniture.

Kind of odd haha, but needless to say, she had refurbished everything and painted them in a really cool, 'vintagey'-looking paint. This was when I first learned what chalk paint was and how this paint has somewhat taken over the market... at least for furniture and DIY craft people such as myself. I also learned that it is incredibly expensive, which is why I immediately searched how to make it yourself. After a little Google searching and reading through a couple blogs, I was able to find a very simple recipe. This paint is awesome honestly. I've never really bought paint before, but it gave the wood a really nice texture, chalky-looking go figure, and can be applied in several ways. 

I did a little experimentation with these first couple pieces between three vintage colors - mint green, pale yellow, and sky blue - applying some with a thick coat and others just brushed on so that you can still make out the grain in the wood. If I owned a blow dryer, I would've used that because apparently this paint cracks if you heat it up, so I've put that on my to-do list for sometime later this summer. I have selected about 15 photographs that I will be using for these new wood pieces, most of which have a vintage, antiquey feel to them. All of these pieces I am doing will be square as well because Instagram has inspired me in the past couple of months with their polaroid-like images. I have started with these six pieces and hope to have all 15 photographs transferred by the end of the month. These take a little time because of all the drying time involved, but I am excited to see how all of these photographs turn out. 

I am going to be putting all of these black and white images as well as a sample piece in the gallery called Vintage Prints if you would like to check them out. Please let me know what you think, I would love feedback and ideas. And If you are interested in any of the pieces or the photographic prints as well, please feel free to contact me, I would love to share my work!

As the longest day comes to an end, I just want to say Happy Summah, check back for more posts as I continue to explore this incredible city!




Rachel Grande(non-registered)
Incredible work as always! I want 100!
Chris Varughese(non-registered)
Andy this is really great work, I like the creativity you have. I've seen some of your work in the past, but I really like this post and the way you made the stain come out. If you have any shots of the city skyline i think that would look really cool with this effect!
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