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As we returned from our 3rd and final Canning Weekend of the year, it was sort of a bittersweet Sunday afternoon. My Committee, Andy Crush Saga, had a blast this last weekend canning, ice skating, and just all around bonding with one another. We ended up raising $2352.05 FTK (For The Kids for those of you non-THONers out there :p), and it was probably one of my favorite canning weekends I have ever attended - despite our trip to the emergency room! 



Settling back in on Sunday afternoon, I was reminded that this was not only the last Canning Weekend of the year, but also the final chance for seniors to enjoy the canning experience one last time. This year has been different for me in that respect because I have one last victory lap after all of my friends graduate this coming Spring. It hadn't really hit me that this was the last chance for them to pack up for the weekend and stand in the freezing cold weather in hopes of defeating pediatric cancer. 



On a more positive note, however, the THON 2014 season has officially kicked off and is somehow flying by in my opinion! I don't know where the past three months have gone, but we recently finished our three mat cleanings for THON Weekend and Family Carnival. Even more exciting, the OPPerations Committee successfully completed their first big event setting up and tearing down the FT5K a couple weeks ago. Being a part of the OPP 2014 Captain Committee for a second go-around has been a complete blast. Despite the different committee dynamic than last year's OPPsoDirty crew, I can easily say that these 21 individuals are very quickly changing my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.



I've been deemed or more like taken on the role of our Committee's Photographer capturing all of the moments throughout this THON year. Just like last year and the past three for that matter, I know THON Weekend will come and go in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately for me, with a job, school work, class (sometimes), and THON, I've already gotten the same bad rep as last year in that it takes me forever to post my pictures.



Luckily, now that we are on Thanksgiving Break, I find myself with a second to breathe and finally able to sift through the 600 pictures sitting on my camera, giving my Co-Captains their so-desired 'profile pictures' and 'cover photos'! I have to say that in the past two days, I have done nothing but edit my photos, drink some coffee, and edit some more. It's really given me a chance to reminisce on the past three months even though it feels like yesterday that Mac was knocking on my door congratulating me on becoming a Captain for THON 2014! This year has already been a whirlwind of emotion, but I cannot wait to see what my own Committee and my Captain Committee will accomplish for THON in the time we have left! This organization, as a whole, has simply changed the way I OPPerate on a daily basis and really how I go about life in general. THON has given me confidence that I never knew existed, and I am more than grateful for being blessed with this experience over the past four years.

THON 2014 here we come! Look out for more pictures along the way!




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