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maine drag

In light of just returning home from our family summer vacation, I thought it was time for another blog post. After last year's cross-country trip, we decided to give my mom a break on the planning and keep our travels to the east coast. We ended up traveling north, different than our usual Outer Banks spot, to a little spot near Bar Harbor, Maine.

When I had suggested this months before, I didn't get a positive response from my siblings. They wanted sand, not the rocky coast of New England beaches. And to their surprise, our summer vacation was not going to involve laying out in scorching hot temperatures, but rather snuggling up in the cool mountain air wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. As vacation came closer and closer; however, I think deep down inside, they were excited to explore a new state. I, on the other hand, was getting a bit nervous because I didn't want my idea to be a total flop; honestly, I didn't know what to expect of this vacation.

maine butterflies

As the eve of our vacation rolled around, I happened to visit a coffee shop in Lansdale, Virago (incredible organic bakery) - which to anyone who knows me may be a little surprised it wasn't Starbucks. Regardless, one cappuccino was enough to keep me awake longer than I needed. Between the anticipation of waking up at 3AM and having the jitters from caffeine rushing through my body, I only managed one hour of sleep before hearing my name called, lights flipped on, fan turned off... not the best way to start off the vacation. But all in all, I managed to gather some energy and we all made it 10 hours up to our new home in Corea, Maine. 

Our car rolled over the crushed stone driveway through what seemed like a mile in itself, and finally, our cabin came into sight.

Two days of foggy, rainy weather.. of which I took full advantage to capture interesting shots of the lobster boats off the coast, and we finally managed to get some incredible sunny weather. It was not the best start to our vacation, but I must say that I really enjoyed the atmosphere the fog created for my coastal shots and the old docks that surrounded. We had the advantage of kayaking right from our backyard and lucked out having beautiful weather to hike parts of Acadia National Park. After spending the day roaming through Winter Harbor and the many antique shops and art galleries, we got to watch the sunset from Cadillac Mountain - a truly indescribable experience. Now getting there was a different story.. way more stressful than I anticipated (one of those moments where the whole family wants to kill you) because I wanted to capture this moment from the perfect spot.

The rest of the week flew by as many vacations do. Spending our last night yesterday shopping in Bar Harbor, it hit me how much I had enjoyed this trip. It was certainly a different type of vacation from our normal beach destinations, but Maine had much to offer and I would love to visit again. 


**Please feel free to check out my newest gallery The Maineland, which features a random assortment of our explorations this past week.




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